Tuesday, May 10, 2011

its over - she said

My girlfriend left me :| after 2 years she couldn't or wouldn't even say why, she just told me that its over and she can continue anymore [ headshot to me] and i thought we were doing great, we broke up 4 moths ago but the break up lasted less then 2 weeks. And the sex was even better afterwards. I gave her all my love and my understanding and was really carefull not to blew it this time, i thought she was the one man! she was the one...

Now i am devastated, sometimes i'm angry and sometimes i almost burst into tears. This will be my worst break up ever.

Tomorrow I will try to make a deal with my boss, i need two months to finish my dissertation and get my engineers degree i'm working as hard as i can on it, if he lets me go for 2 moths of unpayed holiday it will be great! else i will resign from work. I like being a web designer but i need to get this done, i waited too much for it.
My little and ring finder on my left hand are numb for like more then a week now, ive been to the doctors and got EMG (Electromiografia) and they found out the problem is with the nerve that goes somewhere near or in the bone elbow, the bone around it ore something is inflated and thus blocking the nerve, pretty f*cked up huh?
I believe it to be from all the stress, stress at home stress in my personal life at work and i should be working on my dissertation.

Anyway, i was right with the gold, huge drop occurred right after that day when i sold my high leveraged package but since then i bought back some at these lower prices, i think there will be violitility on the market, so watch out, don't  jump in would be my opinion, but your guess is good as mine.

God this break up hurts ! and it came at the worst time.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Take the money and run

NOTE: I am Not a professional trader and i am NOT giving out advice, i am an evil mastermind trying to make some money by trading online to build a hideout on a volcanic island, and get followers to support me to build a Master Control room. This is my story.

Take the money and run
Is my strategy, at least for now. I have taken a look of the charts again and decided to SELL my higher leveraged package, i still have package with lover leverage, what i tend to keep for a while. So why did i sell? I think the 1535$ is a key value and this is why:

Chart from Goldprice.org

I have drawn some blue lines what i believe to be the trend and i think if we fall below 1525$ we will not stop until 1500$ and i cant take that risk. Gold prices climaxed lately so i think smaller drop will occure, long term i am definitely bullish, but i think we are in for a wild ride and high violitility, i think everyone should choose a leverage according to hes comfort level.

I will have my eyes open, when to move back in, with the higher leveraged package.

Do you own gold or silver?
Have you ever thought trading on Forex market?
Did you like the movie Goldfinger?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Off Topic - Do it for piggy!

There is a students day event in the middle of nowhere and one of the competitions is to get get Likes to your team video, this video isn't quite the best but i know this team and really like them, take a look of their video if you wish and please, please Thumbs Up! do it for the piggy in the video :)
piggy at 2:27 :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Dilema? - let's speak charts!

I'm home having my coffee again, follow and comment if you are interested.
NOTE: I am Not a professional trader and i am NOT giving out advice, i am an evil mastermind trying to make some money by trading online, to build a hideout on a volcanic island. And get followers to support me to build a Master Control room (look at earlier post).

Ok guys lets do this together (by this i mean to analyze the chart), if we pull this thing off we might make some money. so here are the charts from Kitco.com they came out today, i just pulled some yellow and blue vertical guide lines to make my point. Lets have a look see.
so here we have it the daily with the 21 day moving average, an the MACD (12-day EMA - 26-day EMA)
we see the blue line crossing over the red Bullish indicator so i pulled a yellow vertical and a blue vertical was my sell signal when the red one crosses over the blue line. I actually made this trade. the next yellow was my other buying signal and as you can see it worked pretty well so far. But i am not sure to wayt for another MACD sell signal we are pretty close to the "1600$ technical resistance" according to Jim Wyckoffs chart and i think we could bounce back and stay under 1600$ at least for a while. I think is should set a stop-loss at 1539$ and a take-profit at 1588$ but I'm not sure what to do.

Tell me what do you think?
Also tell me what would your dream job be?

Control Room

Basically before any evil mastermind could plot and execute any evil missions, he needs a control room, so this is what i need to set up before i can get any further. Its actually pretty sad that i have to use my own room for now but whats even sadder that i don't even have the right equipment.

At work its Ok, there i have two monitors and a decent computer but my boss is a Nazi, he has this policy of all work and no evil Master Plans, I'm glad if i can have my morning coffee at work and maybe read some blogs. At home its a whole other story i can have all the coffee i want but I have a shitty computer and one lousy 19" LG monitor from the stone age, I can't even see my Forex charts on it, and i am at least 170$ short of any or 24" monitor and I still have to pay the rent i owe (got to love Eastern Europe). I really need to get my act together if i want to do this right. Anyone may contribute but maximum! 5$ .

I need to make this control room my number one priority, and get the money for it as soon as possible.

By the way have you guys seen the Wikileaks James Bond Styled Secret Headquarters just to give you an idea where we need to get.

Gold almost got to 1580$ and then it fell to 1550$ i think it will have another go at 1600$ an will fail again but when it does, i think it will only create another buying opportunity. I'll notice you if ill make a move.

I wanted to ask you guys if you Trade and what trading platform do you use ?
What do you think of the Bond Styled Secret Headquarter?
Can you give me any advice what kind of monitor to buy?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

What to Expect

On my way of becoming a mastermind of pure evil, (already having the right mindset for it) I will only have to encounter smaller issues such as the problem of coming up with the money for my Moon Base or owning my own island.

Since I have no patsies yet, I will have to play by the rules for now and make money the traditional and boring way of starting a business and Trading stocks, commodities and currencies on the market, so for the next few months mostly I will be talking about what i know as a trader and about my business ideas for which I will probably need partners too.
I have been trading stocks for about a year now, i am currently owning some gold, I will be sharing my experience and my future plans of owning stocks.

Currently i am also working as a web developer and web designer so expect some tech talk too

Quick Tip: I am owning gold with a 1:10 leverage , i expect gold to bounce back before reaching 1600$ /ounce so i will sell at about 1590$ an re-buy if later at 1550$ or at 1610$ if it makes the break. Tell me what you think.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

It is Complete!

Finally! my greatest invention, i mean blog, It is complete!

Today wasn't a good day for science at all, so at least i started a blog, i tried to work on "Project Pebble" (i will tell you about it later) but i was still hung over from last night, so basically i was just surfing the internet all day long.

You are allowed to wish me luck with my new blog.