Tuesday, May 10, 2011

its over - she said

My girlfriend left me :| after 2 years she couldn't or wouldn't even say why, she just told me that its over and she can continue anymore [ headshot to me] and i thought we were doing great, we broke up 4 moths ago but the break up lasted less then 2 weeks. And the sex was even better afterwards. I gave her all my love and my understanding and was really carefull not to blew it this time, i thought she was the one man! she was the one...

Now i am devastated, sometimes i'm angry and sometimes i almost burst into tears. This will be my worst break up ever.

Tomorrow I will try to make a deal with my boss, i need two months to finish my dissertation and get my engineers degree i'm working as hard as i can on it, if he lets me go for 2 moths of unpayed holiday it will be great! else i will resign from work. I like being a web designer but i need to get this done, i waited too much for it.
My little and ring finder on my left hand are numb for like more then a week now, ive been to the doctors and got EMG (Electromiografia) and they found out the problem is with the nerve that goes somewhere near or in the bone elbow, the bone around it ore something is inflated and thus blocking the nerve, pretty f*cked up huh?
I believe it to be from all the stress, stress at home stress in my personal life at work and i should be working on my dissertation.

Anyway, i was right with the gold, huge drop occurred right after that day when i sold my high leveraged package but since then i bought back some at these lower prices, i think there will be violitility on the market, so watch out, don't  jump in would be my opinion, but your guess is good as mine.

God this break up hurts ! and it came at the worst time.


  1. Was she hot? If yes, then i really feel for ya man :/ Plenty of other fish in the sea, don't worry, concentrate on school now. :)

  2. I'm sorry to hear about the break up....freaking women don't give a flying f*ck half the time.

    Keep your chin up, check out my blog...it might help some.

    I'll follow you.

  3. Lawyer up. Delete from Facebook. Hit the Gym. Fuck Bitches. Get Money.

    Problem solved. Cheer up.

  4. damn, sounds terrible. try and focus on diss work though, don't let the break up define you.

  5. That suck man but, trust me, you are better off especially since she wouldn't elaborate on why she was breaking off a 2 year relationship.

    So the completion of school is near? Awesome! And glad to hear you made some money on that gold you had been working so hard on. (heh hard on)

  6. I don't understand why you didn't see this coming... how?

  7. @qwerty loooool

    but yeah man, that really sucks, hope you get through everything ok, and a little profit on gold won't hurt ;)

  8. dude that sucks....i'm so afraid i might be soon in your situation :( ... good luck sir

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